Misc Satirical Artwork

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .
spy vs spy
Spy vs Spy, by Antonio Prohias. Buy at amazon

Spy versus Spy is a classic comics strip published by Mad mag since 1960s. It illustrates Technological Escalation of the Cold War era.

Itchy & Scratchy
The Itchy & Scratchy cartoon from The Simpsons.
disney memorial orgy
The Disneyland Memorial Orgy, 1967, by Wally Wood (1927 – 1981). Copyright by Paul Krassner (born 1932).
A drawing of Church-style stain-glass depicting a boy apparently doing a blowjob for a priest. From the web, ~2004. Author unknown. See also: Roman Catholic sex abuse cases .
China imperialism cartoon
A shocked mandarin in Manchu robe in the back, with Queen Victoria (UK), Wilhelm II (Germany), Nicholas II (Russia), Marianne (France), and a samurai (Japan) stabbing into a plate with Chine (“China” in French) on it. image source