Artworks on Love

dancing dad, artwork
“Dancing Dad” by Alisa Baldwin.

This work is done by the artist for her dad's birthday. Note the exquisite body language, and the aging process from a baby to a mature woman.

Hermione of Harry Potter
Remus and Hermione of Harry Potter, by Lori Finnegan. (born 1982) † image source
Bewitched by lori finnegan
〈Bewitched〉, by Lori Finnegan. (born 1982) † image source
she cut thru my heart klamstwo
〈She Cuts thru My Heart〉 by Joseph Wierenga 〔
dating etiquette illus.
Illustration for “how long to stay on the phone when breaking up with someone.”†, for Time Out Chicago Magazine. 2006-01. By Cindy Tomczyk. (born 1982) 〔
enemy friend
Title: “Kakampi-Katunggali” or, “Enemy Friend”. Acrylic on paper, teeny tiny (4″×6″). «It's about my relationship with my best friend, my sister :P “Sometimes I just wanna keeeeeeel her.....”». †

† Used with permission.