Art of Albrecht Dürer

By Xah Lee. Date: , 2010-05

The following drawings are by Albrecht Dürer (1471 – 1528).

This guy is amazing. I consider him the master of art in my book, probably the top 3 among all artists i admire. Also, consider his era. There are others of his era, such as Michelangelo, but their work i don't find attractive at all, usually a religious crap or flat or ugly shits.

St. Jerome in His Study
Durer Melancholia I
“Melencolia I”. 2192×2831

Note the magic square on the upper right. The numbers sum to the same in any row/column/diagonal. The big blocky shape on the left is called a truncated rhombohedron. There are quite a few other allusions. of interest to math buffs. See: Melencolia I.

Durer self portrait 28
Durer's self portrait. image source