Art of Robert Crumb

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Robert Crumb (b1943) is a satirical cartoonist, misogynist, misanthrope. Weirdo. Nerd ne plus ultra. A superb cartoonist, who knows emotion and expression, and know how to mock them. Dig the human thingy.

Crumb's “it's cosmic” complete crumb cover fritz the cat
Left, one of Crumb's artwork. Right: Fritz the Cat.
Crumb's artwork on getting stoned GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS
Left, one of Crumb's work depicting getting stones as “HELP BUILD A BETTER AMERICA”. Right: “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS”.
The R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book
Human nature gone berserk. The cover of 《The R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book》 (1997). amazon
Joe Blow
Horny Harriet and Joe Blow.

There's also a biographical movie Crumb (film) (1994) amazon Highly recommended.

In the movie, there's a song sung by a black women in the early 1900s with the following lyrics. The song is “Last Kind Word Blues” (1930) by Geeshie Wiley.

A clip from “Crumb”, featuring the song “Last Kind Word Blues”, sung by Geeshie Wiley and Crumb's drawings. Crumb, Last Kind Word

O, what a song, what drawings, what humanity! It bring tears to my eyes.

For lyrics and performance by others, see: The Last Kind Word Blues (Geeshie Wiley).

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