Best SciFi Movies

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Buy Jupiter Ascending


Space opera. Reminds me of Dune.

shallow, 1D characters. Fantastic special effects. Lovely. Watch for nothing but the visual effects, the alien spaceships and landscapes, the elaborate space ritual fashion haute couture costumes. Strange concocted characters.

Final Fantasy Buy at amazon • Though this one has not received rave reviews, but i personally loved it. Imagine, this movies is produced entirely by computers, sans models even. Sometimes in the foreseeable future we'll have movies generated by computer that is indistinguishable from real-life recordings.

Logan's Run

Logans Run poster 46198
Logan's Run () Logan's Run

Logan's Run

12 Monkeys Buy at amazon

The Matrix Buy at amazon •Love Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss). Athletic, demure, calm, love lorn, good hearted. A bit under powered, but that's ok. Subsequent Matrix films are crap. I despise those computer programers who's chatting red-pill blue-pill everywhere. F���ing idiots.

City of Lost Children

city of lost children 057
City of Lost Children

City of Lost Children Buy at amazon •I love the little girl Miette (Judith Vittet)• “Sincerity always wins.”• Comment: fantasy, fairy tale, surreal, gloomy. There are a bunch of queer characters, some are extremely sad. Irvin suffers from chronic migraine, and Irvin is a brain living in a fish tank. Krank, who are of a supreme mind but he is incapable of dreaming. He steals dreams from children but obtains only nightmares.

“The singular burden of solitude spares no one, not even great minds” —〈City of Lost Children〉 Buy at amazon

Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Blade Runner Buy at amazon • The character Rachael (Sean Young) in the movie is for some reason sexy. A quite type with potent sexuality. I love the owl too.

Jurassic Park Buy at amazon • Every character in this movie is quite quirky and fascinating.

The Fly Buy at amazon • Nice normal scifi.

Total Recall Buy at amazon • Character I love: Lori (Sharon Stone) Athletic, determined, moraless, kick ass femme fatale and blonde.

Dark City Buy at amazon • love Emma Murdoch/Anna (Jennifer Connelly) She's so silently seductive. So meek. So radiates a ripe, mature attractiveness. She's also in: Hulk Buy at amazon , and A Beautiful Mind Buy at amazon , and Requiem For A Dream . She's beautiful in all of them. She's youngest in Labyrinth Buy at amazon

scifi Inception (film) 2010. nice

Edge Of Tomorrow poster 2014

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow Buy at amazon

this is like playing a video game, where, when stuck at a level, you repeat, and must from the start. You get better and better, but need to get pass that level.

Pacific Rim 2013 movie poster Pacific Rim Buy at amazon scifi, monster. 71%. Quite fun.

great brainless fun

it's funny that silly giant monsters of 1970 Japan era (Ultraman ウルトラマン) can be made into such a fun movie today. In those days, i as a child am crazy about the Ultraman. We used to collect the cards, each has a spec about a monster. You can web search image for “Ultraman monsters”.


Prometheus Buy at amazon excellent.

The Hunger Games The Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence Buy at amazon Fantastic.

〈The Hunger Games: Catching Fire〉 Screenshots

Thomas in Love Buy at amazon • about the digital agoraphobic world many of us tech geeks live in. The beginning virtual sex scene is just fantastic. See also: Agoraphobia

John Carter John Carter Buy at amazon very bad. but nice visual.

Star Trek Into Darkness {scifi} 87%

Upstream Color scifi 85%

Her (film) {scifi, drama, romantic} 94%


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