Best Videos of Girl Jugglers

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This page collects good videos of girls juggling.

Erin Stephens

Just discovered: Erin Stephens

I was in the mood to watch some random juggling videos. So on i ran into this video.

“The Makeup Show”, at 〔〕

Erin Stephens juggling. The “The Makeup Show” but without the prologue.

At first i watched the video with its long prologue of girlish nonsense, i wasn't even sure if this is something i'd want to continue. But the description said some chick juggling, and i thought if the juggling isn't watchable but watching girls juggle will perhaps compensate. Then, she appeared on the scene. Quite beautiful a young girl. What a sweetie, and she started to juggle 3 balls with a rather provocative dancing routine, of which, you'll never see men do. Very well done, and i was thinking of sex because she made me. But in the back of my mind, i knew that chicks can only do so much. The next scene, she started to do some 4-balls clawing. To be sure, elementary moves. I'm a bit rusty on clawing, but i can also do 4-balls clawing. But by the end of the video, i was angry for a realization, that her juggling craft beats me by quite far.

See for yourselves.

The tricks in this video are:

The music in the vid is Pon de Replay by Rihanna.

Joëlle Huguenin of Switzerland

Joëlle Huguenin . Fantastic 5 balls sitswap, backcross, mills-mess, and 5-clubs backcross.

The music is Dreadlock Holiday by 10cc.

Cate Emily

“Without Ritalin”. 3-ball juggling by Cate Emily.

The juggler is Cate Emily. Another fantastic girl juggler.

The tricks in this video are:
A acrobatic 3-balls routine. Including: behind the back shower.
4-balls. 4-balls piroutte and shower.
6-balls sync fountain.

Anna and Selby

Anna and Selby, clubs passing.

Music is The Shins - Australia

Olga Galchenko

Olga Galchenko, possibly the world's best female club juggler.

Vova and Olga Galchenko are brothers and sisters. They are the best club jugglers in the world.

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