Fantastic Ball Jugglers

By Xah Lee. Date:

Dave Kelly's 3-Ball Madness

“Dave Kelly's 3-Ball Madness”

That's a fantastic 3-balls show, with lots of fluent behind-the-back blind moves.

The song is “Days Go By” by Dirty Vegas. amazon

Ben Jennings

Ben Jennings. Juggling balls, bouncing, clubs, at a basement. image source

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Viktor Kee

Viktor Kee juggling

Viktor Kee is one of the best acrobatic 3-ball juggler. What's unusual with Vicktor is that he takes juggling as a dance, acrobatic, art form. As opposed to blunt stunt. See: Elegance and Respectability of Juggling.

For some ass-kicking girl ball-jugglers, see: Best Videos of Girl Jugglers