Nyan Cat and Moar

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Humor: the State of Reason in the Age of the Interweb: Riding Nyan Cat to Nebula and Moar!

Moar Girl Ahegao

moar anime girl
moar girl

“moar” = more + roar.

ahegao is the name for the facial expression of girl in sexual ecstasy. It came from Japanese comics.

anime girl 9843b-s220x285
Girl from Anime

History of Ahegao

ahegao history vyn38
ahegao history

Ahegao as emoji has been popular in China.

china emoji 2019-06-28 qtcdd
china emoji 2019-06-28

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AC Girl a86ae
AC Girl, AC娘

Belle Delphine Ahegao

so there's a social phenomenon of girls, usually called thots. they, by tech progress, making a living online by posting soft porn selfies, making more than say a average doctor. millions of followers. one great example is Belle Delphine https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn4eq68hvL9/

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nyancat into nebula
nyancat into nebula

nyancat is a internet meme, of a silly cat drawing with silly music. Quite addictive. See here:

Nyan Cat (saraj00n 2011-04-05)

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