Heineken Commercial - The Entrance (The Golden Age - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour)

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The music is “The Golden Age” by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

Here's the syrics:

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - “The Golden Age”

I wished I lived in the golden age
Giving it up on the broadway stage
Hang with the rats and smoke cigars
Just have a break with Frank and count the stars

Dressed to the nines, we've had too much
Shiny jewels, casino cash
Tapping feet, wanna take the lead
A trip back in time is all I need

Sing it out loud gonna get back honey
Sing it out loud get away with me
Sing it out loud on a trip back honey
Sing it out loud and let yourself free

I'm on my way, gonna make it big
Gonna make these songs for the chicks to dig
It's really hot and a little bit sour
We're getting your strength to the maximum power

Flying away from reality
Whatever-ever happened to gravity?
I see it clear, a shooting star
And I'm really gonna sing it like da-da-da


Ohhh silver screen on a rainy day
Sally Bowles in a cabaret
Shaking sticks, oh what a show
Fresh and jolly, from tip to toe

Rambling down the boulevard
With a fly, a bird, and a wooden heart
My mind is set, I walk the line
But I never really thought that it would feel this fine

The chick reminds me of Blondie, and the song reminds me of Lily Allen — Fck You Very Much.

The “Sally Bowles in a cabaret” in the lyrics refers to the movie Cabaret. See: Cabaret Screenshots and Cabaret - Tomorrow Belongs to Me.


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