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Some funny 4chan picts.

Moot 4chan god
This girl character is Moot. She's a personification of 4chan's creator Christopher Poole.

On 4chan, “everything” is a cute japanese anime girl. Note that Wikipedia in 2006 also used a cute under-age japanese anime girl as mascot, but never became official.

Wikipedia girl Wikipe-tan
Wikipedia girl, unofficial mascot.

4chan is started by Christopher Poole, aka Moot.

4chan Mascots

4chan mascots
“4chan mascots”. These are some popular figures, or “memes” that appears on 4chan.





I don't know what the others are. If you know, please comment.

Lol Cat and O RLY Owl

A photo of a cat — the origin of the “longcat”.

The white cat is actually not lolcat, but a variant, called longcat.

o rly owl ya rly owl
O RLY Owl and YA RLY Owl — the correct response.

4chan Roll Call — a Gamut of Human Sexual Preferences

4chan rollcall
“4chan roll call”

The pedobear is the most famous. Many of the other names came from Japanese sub-culture.

The Meaning of 4chan?

4chan relationship
“4chan relationship”
4chan time to stop posting

Thanks to meowcat and others for corrections.