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Some funny 4chan picts.

Moot 4chan god
This girl character is Moot. She's a personification of 4chan's creator Christopher Poole.

On 4chan, “everything” is a cute japanese anime girl. Note that Wikipedia in 2006 also used a cute under-age japanese anime girl as mascot, but never became official.

Wikipedia girl Wikipe-tan
Wikipedia girl, unofficial mascot.

4chan is started by Christopher Poole, aka Moot.

4chan Mascots

4chan mascots
“4chan mascots” 2011. These are some popular figures, or “memes” that appears on 4chan.





I don't know what the others are. If you know, please comment.

Lol Cat and O RLY Owl

A photo of a cat — the origin of the “longcat”.

The white cat is actually not lolcat, but a variant, called longcat.

o rly owl ya rly owl
O RLY Owl and YA RLY Owl — the correct response.

4chan Roll Call — a Gamut of Human Sexual Preferences

4chan rollcall
“4chan roll call”

The pedobear is the most famous. Many of the other names came from Japanese sub-culture.

The Meaning of 4chan?

4chan relationship
“4chan relationship”
4chan time to stop posting

Thanks to meowcat and others for corrections.