Hyperboloid Architectures Gallery, page 1

South Africa-Mpumalanga-Middelburg-Arnot Power Station01
Arnot Power Station, Middelburg, South Africa. img src
hypplanet lg
The James S McDonnell Planetarium building at the St. Louis Science Center.
514px-Kobe port tower11s3200
The Kobe Port Tower. 2142×3200 Map 🌐🌍🌎🌏 img src
Guangzhou Tower
Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower img src
Ciechanow water tower
“Water tower in Ciechanów, Poland. Designed by Jerzy Michał Bogusławski; built in 1972. The support structure is an hyperboloid lattice and the water reservoir is a toroid.”. img src

These structures are called Hyperboloid of One Sheet. They are made of straight lines.

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