Architectural Beauties

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Asian Demigoddesses
3805712 60f1f61fcf o-s294x212
Khajuraho Temple
watchtower ruin dunhuang gansu china-s306x204
Silkroad Watchtower Ruin


Ganges river Varanasi-s308x203 Qom timcheh-s187x335
Islamic Bazaar
cologne cathedral interior 2d011-s217x289
Cologne Cathedral
Milano duomo finestroni-s289x217
Milan Cathedral
Ceiling of the Jeronimos Monastery-23 2006-08-s289x217
Jerónimos Monastery
cathedral ceiling geometry 51532-s203x307
cathedral ceiling
Castle Neuschwanstein-s309x202
New Swanstone Castle
Taktshang Monastery
El Jadida cistern-s204x306
El Jadida Cistern

Polyhedron Domes

Eden Project 20050730-s306x204
Geodesic Domes

Spaced Out

lotus temple 88301-s286x219
Lotus Temple
Beijing CCTV building 2013-05-17 43b20-s238x263
Big Pants Building
beijing bird nest building 18415-s289x217
bird nest
South Africa-Mpumalanga-Middelburg-Arnot Power Station01-s289x217
Cathedral Brasilia Niemeyer-s217x289
Cathedral of Brasilia
National Library of Belarus 30083-s289x217
National Library of Belarus
tree building 6zewv-s307x203
tree building
pagoda style skyscraper Shanghai 6afbd-s333x188
Pagoda Skyscraper Shanghai
Petronas towers tip-s204x306
Petronas towers
Tianjin Eye 48698-s289x217
Tianjin Eye
Canton Tower 0e1bb-s204x306
Canton Tower
Turning Torso building 75434-s217x289
Turning Torso

Art Deco

New India Assurance building art deco 8618f-s217x289
New India Assurance Building
Mohawk Niagra Facade 5c9a5-s196x318
Mohawk Niagra
guardians of traffic hope memorial bridge c9f16-s225x278
Hope Memorial Bridge
Promenade building 97411-s204x306
Promenade Building


aral sea ship-s289x217
Aral Sea
Beriev Be-6 girls-s307x204
ponte tower 69614-s333x188
Ponte Tower
xenomorph gargoyle 10 Paisley Abbey 21022-s250x250
Xenomorph Gargoyle
google earth-s253x247
Google Earth Geography 101

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