Visual Art: Batgirl Craze, page 6

By Xah Lee. Date:
A realistic portrait. This work is missing teats. The way this piece is drawn, being somewhat realistic and begging viewer to see it's a real life girl, with freckles and all, showing nipples thru the uniform would sharpen the artwork. By Jacqueline Sullivan (born 1982). (Source
This one is hilarious. A white-haired man with batgirl costumes donning on the red-head wig in a dressing room, and his daughter walked-in with a dropped-jaw. By 郭鹏 (Guo1 Peng2). His website is (defunct).
Another “bat-animal”-shaped girl. By Kristofer Straub. image source
A particular cartoon style. By Razlo. Here we have a potbellied girl wearing nothing below her chest except a fish-net stocking and boots. Her rotund potbelly and the red-bush are the salient features. (source) Apparently the auhtor is a pro. His website is:
urgent batgirl
Although drawn in a cartoon style, but thru the artist's skill at rendering expressions and body language, we can feel the urgency in this batgirl. By Daniel Hernandez (born 1981). Artist's website: (defunct). image source
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