Visual Art: Batgirl Craze, page 2

By Xah Lee. Date:
A charmingly confident batgirl. The face is the most precious in this drawing. Artist is Lori Finnegan. (born 1982) Website: (source)
Another style, drawn like a fashion sketch in sepia tone, giving it a realistic sense. According to the artist, this is a depiction of her in 1940's fighter pilot attire. Note her beautiful hair and the bat-brooch. By Rosemary Travale. (born 1983) Website: image source
batgirl by Lisa Redfern
Batgirl as a buxom lass, as if she's one of those Hooters waitress on wheels. By Lisa Redfern. (born 1978) Website: image source
Another baseball-bat bat-girl, another buxom lass. Very elegant black ink work. By Krysztof Nemeth. Artist website: image source
A very lovely face close-up, makes you want to kiss her. By Gil Ed. (born 1980) His website is: image source
A grouchy young girl complaining, with her arms crossed in front of her chest, and head cocked to one side — super cute. By “Page Boy”. Her website:
This batgirl looks like a dyke. There is something to her body language, her uncanny leg-work, the way she holds the bat-knife, her craned neck, her facial expression. And note her short-hair and multiple ear-rings. By “Saturnine Paradigm”. (born 1982) image source

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