Visual Art: Batgirl Craze, page 1


On 2006 mid January, there's a craze on to draw Batgril. There are over 800 people having done so. Here are some of the best ones.

Batgirl by Josh Lesnick
This is a one crazy batgirl toon. By Josh Lesnick. (b1977) Source More of his work can be seen at:,
This one depicts femininity. Standing out, is her tit in sharp silhouette, rouged cheeks, and she peeks, with her melancholy eye. By Jen Wang. (b1984) Her website is
batgirl batgirl
This grotesque one is bizarrely attractive.
A Batgirl beheaded by Poison Ivy. Clean delineation and audacious idea. Source By Amy Clark (b1983). Her website
A tinge of auto-eroticism and self-mockery. By Kristina Ackerman. (b1982) Her website is img src
batgirl by Bryan Lee OMalley
This is a smug batgirl. Smug and saucy, like most teen girls. (Another batgirl based on this is Leanne Buckley's batgirl.) By Bryan Lee O'malley (b≈1980). His home page is at He is the author of Scott Pilgram's comics. amazon
This one is comical, shewing, that she has unshapely teeth? A typical expression of giggling girls, whose immaturity cannot hide their budding physicality. By Bannman. (b1973) His website is img src
Kristy Bourgeois. (b1982) img src
By (b1978). Website:
So very funny is this bat-little-girl with her mask of serious bat-brows and a bat-scooter. By Stephanie Yue. (b1984) Her website is: img src

To fully appreciate some of these drawings, you might want to read up on the story of Batgirl at Wikipedia: Batgirl.

(Note: if you are the image author and like to add info or have image removed, please let me know. The majority exhibited here are used with written permission.)

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