Superhero Landing

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3 point landing (aka superhero landing)

some interesting questions:

For questions 2 and 3, do it as if you are writing a thesis. Defend your survival.

On the Physics and Physiology of Humanoid Landing

Now, let your truly philosophize.

First, imagine, you could stand the impact from say jumping out of a 10th floor.

Now, what possible style would land you?

You could perhaps land just on 2 feet. But, from experience as a kid, it's more likely your hands will touch the ground. Even professional gymnasts have a hard time stick the landing.

Therefore 3-point landing, like a tripod, the minimal number of legs for stability.

But actually, 4-point landing would be more stable. You don't want a tricycle. You want 4-wheel drive. But, unless your hands are stronger than your legs, you probably would tumble and roll.

finally, in fact, for a superhero, it's perhaps most convenient and easy, to land like a pizza face-down. You don't look like a hero anymore, but it's still dramatic.

Superhero Landing Supercut (BGM: Touchdown by TWICE)