The Flaming Cyclamen

By Xah Lee. Date:
Cyclamen. My favorite flower.
a red flame,
flamboyant skirt,
flaring up for all to see,
her beauty and heat.
girl in red dress
I spend 1 hour trying to find a large version of this photo on the web to no avail. (for illustrating this page, juxtaposed with my photo of cyclamen and the poem.)

That's 2002 Feb cover of Haper's Bazaar mag, showing supermodel Gisele Bündchen in a red red dress. There are at least 4 versions of this cover but i'm looking for this particular one. I couldn't find a larger image. (if you have, comment! Thanks.)

painting Flaming June by Frederic Leighton
Flaming June, by Frederic Leighton (1830 – 1896).