Chronograph & Chronometer

By Xah Lee. Date:
yes watch
The “Yes Watch”

The Yes Watch is quite special. It features a analog face with numbers 1 to 24 and a single pointer. The background is a digital display that darkens parts of the dial where sun is supposed to be below the horizon. So, you can tell night and day by a glance. A digital readout also gives the precise time.

Yes Watch website:, amazon

cyclos watch
The Cyclos watch. 1200×2000

The Cyclos watch. The thing special about this watch is that the hour hand's length shrinks or grows, so that in AM it points on the outter circle and in PM it points to the inner circle.

cyclos watch
A diagram of the face of the Cyclos Watch, showing how its hour hand transits from the inner to the outer circle.

Cyclos watch websites:;

Casio Baby-G BG55-1EV
Casio's Baby-G, model BG55-1EV. Very nice.

Note that chronograph and chronometer has critical history and somewhat precise meanings. A Chronograph is a timepiece or watch with both timekeeping and stopwatch functions. A Chronometer watch is a watch tested and certified to meet certain precision standards. However, today, radio-controlled watchs makes chronometer obsolete. For detail about watches, see: Watch.