Chinese Hand Exercise Ball

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When talking a walk, i usually carry these and twirl in hand. It makes me looks like a Asian sage.

Chinese Baoding Balls
Beautiful, with decorative inlaid brass wire. image source
chinese hand exercise marble balls eec41
made of marble stone. 1.97 inches diameter. Buy at amazon
Chinese Baoding Balls scifi
scifi style
solid steel balls cropped
Solid Steel Large 2 inches Baoding Balls Buy at amazon
chinese hand exercise balls 35196-s891x909
artificial tiger eyes 1177×1200

Don't buy those with decorative inlaid brass wire (called Cloisonné) on the ball surface. they look pretty, but if you dropped or chipped the ball, the metal wire may stick out.

Get pure marble stone, quartz, or solid steel ball. Also, most of them chime. I prefer them not, especially if you work in the office.

Also, get 5 cm or 2 inches diameter at least, for male hand.

you may find it difficult to roll on your hand at first, but after a while, it becomes easy. Smaller balls are useless.

chinese hand exercise balls jade 02522
Chinese hand exercise ball
chinese hand exercise balls wood 40533
Pictures shows a 6 cm diameter one. (2.36 inches) Buy Rosewood baoding balls, 1.97 inches diameter

chinese hand exercise balls dark wood 77236
dark wood

Crystal ball, quartz ball, or gem stone balls, also work. You just have to find the right size.

rose quartz 1.25 inch sphere ball-s
crystal ball quartz ball

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