Xah Arts Blog 2017-05

medusa, eyes up here

cosplay girl 55055
“Fate/hollow ataraxia” Saber, cosplay. [image source twitter.com/akagikuro ]
cosplay girl 67749
“Fate/hollow ataraxia” Saber, cosplay. [image source twitter.com/akagikuro ]

Sculpture of Asian Demigoddesses: Apsara, Devatas, Yakshini

Trump Family Under the Last Judgement

see Art of Michelangelo

PowerGirl 〔png 1989×2650

Superhero Action Figure

Star Wars Action Figures

Snow White PVC Figure

Fleet Girls Collection 艦娘 PVC Figure

open mouth urinal 54843
open mouth urinal 2017-05. [image source https://twitter.com/fbettag/status/865690069902008320 ]

Japan Kiriko Hattori (服部 霧子) PVC Figure

satyr plate 42798
This is a Food Plate. Bronze. It's Satyr. Very Expensive. Amazing art, imagination. satyr plate
medusa statue 05187
medusa statue

A Love of Mythology of the Greeks (updated)

Arabian Nights Art Gallery

Leda and the Swan (updated)

Taichi vs Mixed Martial Arts


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