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Eden Project 20050730-s306x204
Architecture Beauty, the Eden Project
china geodesic 2017-12-13 12624-s250x250
geodesic girl
Canton Tower 2013-11-15 18-12-45-s204x306
Canton Tower
Wind Turbine Photos
Promenade building 97411-s204x306
Promenade Building
guardians of traffic hope memorial bridge c9f16-s225x278
Hope Memorial Bridge
danaid rodin 4256-s281x223
The Story of Danaids
watchtower ruin dunhuang gansu china-s306x204
Silkroad Watchtower Ruin
New India Assurance building art deco 8618f-s217x289
Art Deco Buildings
xenomorph gargoyle 10 Paisley Abbey 21022-s250x250
Xenomorph Gargoyle
Asian Demigoddesses
monkey king pigsy carrying wife 19229-s217x289
Monkey King's Pigsy Carrying Wife
truth coming out of her well  Jean-Leon Gerome-s221x282
Truth Out of Well
Paintings of Odalisque and Prostitutes
my inner sanctuary by yuumei-dawkyn9 ef90c-s244x256
glass piano girl
fantasy art 13203-s311x201
fantasy art
Miko Fogarty Beneath the Facade 047e2-2-s312x200
dark ballet
bride princess peach by tsuaii 15996-s201x311
Bride Princess Peach
tomato agape 79611-s217x289
Tomato Agape
beetle wing fly 2018-12-22 f6ba4-2-s229x273
beetle taking off
Starbucks logo by louistrations 35296-s220x284
Starbucks Logo Artwork
epic illustrated cover 1982 Feb Marada 62101-s216x289
Marada the She-wolf
Logans Run poster 46198-s181x345
Logans Run
The Perry Bible Fellowship
eyes up here buddy medusa by joerandel 2-s220x284
medusa, eyes up here
cosplay girl 55055-s204x307
cosplay girl
Last Judgement Michelangelo-s213x293
Art of Michelangelo
powergirl 9423-s217x289
Power Girl
iron man pvc action figure 54412-s158x396
Superhero Action Figure
Darth Maul action figure 94864-s250x250
Star Wars Action Figures
snow white pvc figure 34058-s306x204
Snow White PVC Figure
fleet girl Yamato 60177-s217x289
Fleet Girls Collection 艦娘 PVC Figure
open mouth urinal 54843-s188x333
open mouth urinal
Kiriko Hattori ninja costume pvc figure 9-s223x281
Kiriko Hattori (服部 霧子)
satyr plate 42798-s316x198
satyr plate
artemis statue 88086-s217x289
A Love of Mythology of the Greeks
pic344 450
Leda and the Swan
Fritz the Cat 22928-s218x287
Art of Robert Crumb
ghost in the shell 1995 anime poster-s316x198
Ghost in the Shell 攻殻機動隊
Nier Automata 01187-s333x188
Nier Automata, On the Sex of Humanoid Fighter Bots
Electric Fans
Amber Heard and Elon Musk 2017-04-23-s289x217
the Girl and Iron Man
dragonfly mating anax junius 74518-s283x221
Dragonfly, Damselfly, Insect Flight
did you eat the last unicorn 97315-s250x250
dinosaur ate unicode
splinters front cover 11453-s194x321
splinters art
reddit pixel art 2017-04-03-s250x250
reddit pixel art 2017
cherry existence-essence2-s213x293
Cherry Poptart
Wonderland Mature Alice
Alice by Alessandro Barbucci 2-s220x284
Naked Alice by Alessandro Barbucci
Frank Brunner Alice cover 4-s250x250
Nude Alice Artwork by Frank Brunner

great article. Roughly a history of “anime”, but more about tech detail of what “anime” is actually limited animation, how they are created, and perception, etc.

[ANIME'S GREAT DECEPTION – THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ANIME and CARTOONS By Rich • Art By Aya Francisco. At http://www.tofugu.com/japan/anime-vs-cartoons/]

There's a graffiti artist, called banksy. A first class idiot. It is, the prototype of opposite of intellectual. Many celebrity artists are of that ilk. They, like, grab some political hot button, put on wall, artless. Lauded as “make you think”.

oligodynamic sphere

titanium sphere 94012
Aerospace Grade Oligodynamic Titanium Sphere (5.98cm diameter). Guaranteed perfection: +/- 0.01mm roundness. Buy at amazon

not sure why this thing exist.

aerospace grade oligodynamic copper sphere 60012
aerospace grade oligodynamic copper sphere. Buy at amazon

The oligodynamic effect is a biocidal effect of metals, especially heavy metals, even in low concentrations. The effect was discovered in 1893 by Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli, although he did not identify the cause.[1] Brass doorknobs and silverware both exhibit this effect.

[2017-07-03 Wikipedia Oligodynamic effect]

howl s moving castle 80378
Howl's Moving Castle

Taichi vs Mixed Martial Arts

Rehearsal - SH-BOOM! - Sol León & Paul LIghtfoot - NDT 2 Smoke and Mirrors
amber cup ming dynasty tomb nanjing 2017 03
amber cup, unearthed from a Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) tomb from Nanjing

Reminds me of The Fisherman And The Jinni

Raw Art - Alexandra Savina - Ring-o-graphy

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