Xah Arts Blog 2015-01

Julie Taymor's Titus

girl artist drawing recursion
girl artist drawing recursion

Misc Visual Art: Girl Artist (repost)

New Swanstone Castle

Geodesic Domes

Leda and the Swan (new index page)
Seashell Gallery (updated)
episcopal miter104
Seashell Gallery: Misc Seashells, Cut-in-Half View

Parabolic Radio Dish

Seashell Gallery: Checkered Bonnet Shell

anime girl fan hot cpu
comics by Nicholas Gurewitch
Moon Bunny.

The Perry Bible Fellowship

epic illustrated cover 1982 Feb Marada 62101
Marada the She-wolf.

Marada the She-wolf

Las Vegas Travelog: Caesars Palace

Art: The Rape of the Sabine Women

Las Vegas Travelog: Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas Travelog: the Mirage, Treasure Island

indian pipe PDB
image source

Gorgeousness Ghost Plant

Official Lincoln #SteerTheScript Commercial 📺

Alice in Second Life

battle angel alita 80161
Battle Angel Alita 《銃夢》 Battle Angel DVD

Battle Angel Alita

Pompeiii Europa iFresco
Pompeii, Europa and the Bull, fresco in Pompeii, 1st century CE.

Art: Europa and the Bull

naga 182
A Hoysala sculpture of a Naga couple in Halebidu.

Naga Goddess

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Khajuraho Temple

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