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Itchy and Scratchy 2

Itchy and Scratchy Show

el gaucho
she's a Irish prostitute, sweet, wanton, and full of yearning. She died involuntarily by hanging.

Art of Milo Manara, page 3

cat trying to catch bass

the Story of Andromeda and Perseus (Perseides meteor shower)

Andromeda is damsel in distress to be eaten by monster, saved by Perseus (the same guy who beheaded the most ugly woman Medusa). Their son, Perses, founder of Persian (Iran), mate with sea nymphs, and the whole family is called Perseides.

Artemis — the Greatest Bitch of All Times. A Love of Mythology of the Greeks

Robert Crumb  remember everybody needs love
remember everybody needs love.

Art of Robert Crumb

Architecture: Atomium

Wonderland Alice Art Gallery


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