Xah Arts Blog 2013-10

Anime Art: Girl Drawing Herself

Humor: the State of Reason in the Age of the Interweb: Riding Nyan Cat to Nebula and Moar!

holy girl

Trypophobia: Multi-Holes Phobia!

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monkey king pigsy carrying wife 19229
Monkey King's Pigsy carrying wife

more at Monkey King's Pigsy Carrying Wife

alice 01a-white rabbit
Jefferson Airplane ⭐〈White Rabbit〉 🎶

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side-face makeup

side-face makeup

Cheschire Cat Halloween Makeup Tutorial

jeepers creepers by archaical-d6q089i
by http://archaical.tumblr.com/
Cheschire smile tutorial. (🎶 〈Beat And The Pulse〉 Buy at amazon)
epic illustrated cover 1982 Feb Marada 62101
i particular remember this scene. Buy at amazon

found more Marada the She-wolf picts. See Marada the She-wolf

woman face portrait 1661 by chris butler
woman face, by Chris Butler

more at Art of Chris Butler

Guo Pei 2 2
Haute Couture, Arabian Nights, Welcome to My Harem 🎶

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