Xah Arts Blog 2013-07

princess peach brushes
Come, i brush your head. 来,我帮你梳头。 Princess Peach
Chinese Baoding Balls-s278x225
Chinese Hand Exercise Ball
bladless fan

Oxytocin Molecule Necklace

chest chemistry necklace 2013-07-15
Oxytocin Molecule Necklace

Even as the poet doth indite: science symbols on cleavage, jockeys mount and nerds stare.

2013 cute girl smiling cat stocking
2013 cute girl smiling cat stocking

Quintessence of a Woman's Beauty

quintessence of a womans beauty DSC02928
Quintessence of a woman's beauty. Location Riga, Latvia. photo by [Andris Dūmiņš https://plus.google.com/105900728229753017871/posts/LbGvwp1Jb2x]

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