Xah Arts Blog 2013-03

a very weird, but fascinating, creative, comics.

wtdsd 1 spotting deer by Michael DeForge 2010
〈The Spotting Deer〉 by Michael Deforge, panel 1.

read the rest at [Spotting Deer By Michael Deforge. At http://whatthingsdo.com/comic/spotting-deer/ , accessed on 2013-03-30 ]

batman wall art
Art Deco in Movie Batman
Hector and Andromache by Chirico at Osaka
〈Hector and Andromache〉

for full story, see Hector and Andromache

mural cat doll child Mexico 2013 02 17 DSC 0064
Mural in Mexico . Photo by [Manuel Lara https://plus.google.com/100356143682994881415/posts]

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