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Humor: Google Logo Boobs.

NSFW Misc Alice Artwork, page 2

Technology: Skyscraper Sized Screen

Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone launch event at Millbank, featuring a 118m high building as giant screen.

This is done by 16 projectors across the Thames river, with the building as screen.

The building is Millbank Tower Google Map, located at the City of Westminster at Millbank, the banks of the River Thames in London, UK.

The building is 118m high. Each of the building's 800 windows are covered with vinyl. 16 projectors on the other side of the river beamed images onto it.

Hatsune Miku: Computer Generated Virtual Doll Singing in Real Life

Crocodile Sex Codex

crocodile sex codex-s
See: Artwork: Crocodile Sex Codex.
she cut thru my heart klamstwo
by Joseph Wierenga. “She Cuts thru My Heart”

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