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pink indian pipes-s
890×883 image source

Gorgeousness Ghost Plant

orchard sex
Orchid. Photo by Dror Ben David Source picasaweb.google.com (used with permission)

Cherry, Venus Flytrap, and the Lure of Sex

Perfect Monster of Tentacle Sex

I wasn't sure if this photoshop or not.


But i know it's perfect for tentacle sex.

See also: Sea lamprey.

elena kalis alice 5
Underwater Alice Photography (by Elena Kalis)
lady slipper
Lady slipper. By Randall Munroe of xkcd comics fame.

more at Cherry and Venus Flytrap.

NSFW Nude Alice Artwork by Frank Brunner (gallery)

math lorenz attractor 020-s
Second Life: Math Lorenz Attractor.
google boobs
Google Boobs?

perm url: Google Logo Boobs (humor)

“LOUDER DUBSTEP”. The dancers are (in order) {Marquese “nonstop” Scott, Julius “iglide” Chisolm, Cyrus “glitch” Spencer}. Videography by Jason Locklear. Song name “DJ Fresh - Louder (Doctor P and Flux Pavilion Remix)”

For floor-acrobat dance (B-boying), see Acrobatic B-boying Dance (Breakdancing).

star sequin dress 1
“Stars and Stripes US Flag Dress” $129.29 image source

Stars and Stripes US Flag Dress

wreath-eating ghost-s
食蔓鬼. 1611×2242 image source

食蔓鬼 Wreath-eating Ghost

Gisele Bundchen flag 2
Gisele Bundchen

Tomorrow is July 4th. Remember to take photos of any flag-clad cuties, and any flag things. Send it to me. Banners and Damsels and Mores

eyes up here buddy medusa by joerandel 2-s “eyes up here buddy” by Joe Randel. 900×1165 Joe's web site: jabarchives.com