Xah Arts Blog 2011-01

“Nicole Ciapponi in Olivier Wevers new piece BWV1007”.

Ballet as Acrobat 📺

thousands of 360 Panorama around the world.

Moot 4chan god
Moot 4chan god

Some funny 4chan Picts. (internet)

faun and nymph
“faun and nymph” by Pál Szinyei Merse (1845 to 1920). image source

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naked woman Cristofol Bou Alvararo
Cristofol Bou Alvararo (1887 to 1931) image source

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fat vs thin, line drawing
fat vs thin, line drawing. A ad found at technorati.com as of 2011-01-26.

Note: the ad runner is borderline scam.

boobs good vs bad

Boobs: Good vs Bad.


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