Xah Arts Blog 2011-01

“Nicole Ciapponi in Olivier Wevers new piece BWV1007”.

Ballet as Acrobat 📺

thousands of 360 Panorama around the world.

Moot 4chan god
Moot 4chan god

Some funny 4chan Picts. (internet)

faun and nymph
“faun and nymph” by Pál Szinyei Merse (1845 – 1920). image source

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naked woman Cristofol Bou Alvararo
Cristofol Bou Alvararo (1887 – 1931) image source

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fat vs thin, line drawing
fat vs thin, line drawing. A ad found at technorati.com as of 2011-01-26.

Note: the ad runner is borderline scam.

boobs good vs bad

Boobs: Good vs Bad.


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