Russian girl skater Anna Shcherbakova changing dress while spinning

Russian girl skater Anna Stanislavovna Shcherbakova (А́нна Станисла́вовна Щербако́ва) What a beauty. Changing dress while spinning.

Shcherbakova pulls off costume change in winning free skate | NBC Sports
Anna Shcherbakova 2019 gk3q9
Anna Shcherbakova 2019 gk3q9

when i was young, i wanted to join a circus

The Life Of The Artists from the Cirque du Soleil Show KURIOS
Aug 10, 2019
Cirque du Soleil
yes watch mbkwh-s230x272
Chronograph and Chronometer
girl yoga squat 2019-10-12 5dsyr
girl yoga squat 2019-10-12 5dsyr

shocking to me. apparently, a lot people can't do the “asian squat”. I thought it's just video meme. After watching a few, it's true. Why Asians Can Do The Asian Squat | ASIAN BOSS (한글자막)


China Toilets

china toilets 2019-10-12 kr2cw-2
china toilets 2019-10-12 kr2cw-2

i watched Joker in theater

i watched Joker in theater. havnt went to movies in 5 or more years

i like to support it politically, but i find it actually dry and boring. It's not superhero movie, no exciting fights etc, rather a drama/psychology film. I like this type, but still, it's kinda dry.

stewardess 2019-09-14
stewardess 2019-09-14

Axlotl Tank of Dune

axolotl ngrgd-s738x488

and we have Axlotl Tank of Dune. Look it up.

Mudurnu Turkey Castle Homes wk6gh-s306x204
Mudurnu Turkey Castle Homes

look at these beautiful people, making drama. with women's thing commercial interjected. and, mostly women watch it.

hex star roof j8x3x-s306x204
hex star roof
Palace of Arts Shabyt sbvys-s347x180
Palace of Arts Shabyt

u have calluses on ur feet. they r like car tires, where, it's hit hard by rubbing, except, they don't wear, they grow. its, biological tire, for human feet, engineered by nature.

Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Complete Series Box Set, 2018! amazon

Xah Lee Favorite Movies

motorola mock apple 2011 vmcs4-s382x164
Motorola Commercial Mocks Apple 1984

internet 2010. Shoes.

liam shoes j82mq-s296x211
Humor: Liam Show: Shoes (Kelly song)

the internet, year 2010

magibon 2019-02-09 hm58g-s288x217
Humor Video: Magibon, Boxxy, 4chan Personalities
Fredryk Phox q2sds
Humor Video: Comedian Fredryk Phox

China Made a Hard Scifi Movie, the Wandering Earth

china made a interstellar scifi movie, The Wandering Earth. playing in usa now. seems good reviews.

disappointed by the trailer. It seems, a pop film. pleasing the masses. like, save humanity and help stuff.

this guy wrote The Wandering Earth 刘慈欣 Liu Cixin apparently, scifi novel community in China has risen. Note that, scifi novel WAS not a thing in china, but kungfu.

Liu Cixin (simplified Chinese: 刘慈欣; traditional Chinese: 劉慈欣; pinyin: Liú Cíxīn; born 23 June 1963)[1] is a Chinese science fiction writer.[2] He is a nine-time winner of the Galaxy Award (China's most prestigious literary science fiction award) and winner of the Hugo Award.[3] Liu's work is considered hard science fiction. In English translations of his works, his name is given in the form Cixin Liu.

2019-02-09 Liu Cixin

discovered Belle De Jour, 1967

Belle De Jour 1967 pzmr6-s181x345

Séverine, a Paris housewife who begins secretly spending her after­noon hours working in a bordello. amazon

See Best Drama Movies

tiktok girl 2019-02-01 x9hsr-s205x305
tiktok girls
mac win linux perceptions-s269x232
Humor: Linux Mac Windows Perception

haha. Guan Yu (year 200 AD) is a historical Chinese character who has become a demigod in Chinese culture. You can often see his statue in temples or people's homes, or in chinese video games, figurines. He's know for his loyalty, courage, and kungfu.

Artimes of a thousand tits

nail printing machine

Xah Arts Blog 2018-01

Solar Power Structures

parabolic solar trough Negev desert Israel-s289x216
Solar Parabolic Trough
Altamount Pass Wind Farm
boat prop4-s
Water Screws

Arabian Nights Art Gallery

the art of commercial cinematography

google boobs-s289x217
Humor: Google Logo Boobs

back then, Google still can have humor.

Google Plus song, the year Google turns evil.

the Google Plus song Ashley Pitman-s333x188
The Google Plus Song (humor)

note the initial head sway? that's parallax technique to judge distance. Cats do the same by moving head up/down before leap.

what the... oh my. China. And, it seems architectural design really have gone up in past 20 years. We see all kinda shapes. This one, perhaps bearing the classic chinese gate shape.


buy Harry Potter socks to show your Hogwarts lineage

now you can buy Harry Potter socks to show your Hogwarts lineage. you wanna fight for muggle's rights, but you no wanna be mistaken as muggle amazon #xahpop

Betty and Veronica. A old school popular comics for girls i grew up in my teens in 1980s in Canada. i always got confused which is which. Always thought that the blonde is Veronica. The blonde is actually Betty.

Betty and Veronica da024
Betty and Veronica da024

amazing city wide skyscrapers light show

amazing city wide skyscrapers light show, in shenzhen china.

is this done by projector at bottom or installing LED all over buildings?

horror movie, Look Away

horror movie, Look Away, 2018 Buy at amazon

Chinese summary 【喵嗷污】女孩总被同学欺负,镜中的另一个自己看不下去了,跑出来帮她复仇《镜中人》几分钟看奇幻片

bad ratings

love this kinda drawings. of all forms of visual art works, the type i like the most is illustration. a sub style of which is japanese comics, aka anime.

handmaid's tale costume it's pretty much just a robe, but very expensive. and women buy it. capitalism at work.

what's this? oh, it's “tyra banks yells at a girl on america's next top model.”. some sorta drama show on TV. But note, the fantastic facial expressions. Understand, understanding facial expression to the degree to animate it from scratch, came from 3d animations of movie houses.

Battlefield Fiasco

i dunno what is this. but it's got girls, n things people moving in my eyes that makes me weak n wanting.

Dune, Miniseries, 2000

Chinese fantasy novels (wuxia, xianxia, xuanhuan)

What are Chinese fantasy novels (wuxia, xianxia, xuanhuan)?

very interesting. (if you are nerdy about fantasy fiction)

Why are sizes and distances in Chinese fantasy novels so unrealistic sometimes?

photo art, hapa supremacy

hapa supremacy cfb6b
hapa supremacy

Now this is art. From @PetiteNicoco and @ShaineScalph

Chinese sword, and mixed martial arts with melee weapons?

Chinese sword, has fell out of progress. I think only the Japanese kantana, is still in some practice, and also Western ones in fencing. rapier, saber, foil. i think the making of kantana still progress under today's science. Chinese swords are mostly just in movies and myth.


of one on one fighting techniques, currently mixed martial arts or similar is keeping it up, state of the art. The Chinese kungfu, is now mostly showbiz. It's not to say kungfu wasn't good. But for reasons, it has ceased to be real fighting technique.

today, we still do not have any way that allow us to advance the art of melee weapon 1-on-1 fighting. there is kendo, which is japanese sword sport, and fencing for western. But they are not realistic, and doesn't allow other weapon e.g. axe, lance, or other fancy weapon.

for hand-to-hand combat, mixed martial arts pretty much have told us what is most effective. but for with melee weapons, i don't think we know much. Note, if we do not allow armor, then lean and agile types are likely to always win.

it's hard to come up a way for 1-on-1 melee weapon combat to progress. hard to make it a sport, because even non-shapened sword still do too much damage, or, heavy armor/protection gear would severely limit reality. also, it'd also filter out heavy axe or iron ball.

it'd nice to have StarTrek holodeck. but that's too much scifi.

Perception of Difficulty Levels of Human Feats

my list of fav movies Best SciFi Movies ^_^ #xahpop but no, they are not pop. pop tastes bad in my mouth. its for nerds, weirdos, misfits, and philosophers

Game Of Thrones

the martian 2015 scifi movie

good reviews.

Scify Action Thriller Movie Lucy (2014)

Art of Stanislaw Szukalski

[Postmortem: Every Frame a Painting By Tony Zhou. At ]

to read. seems a good article, by a YouTube star, seems a a video/film expert.

A Young Girl Defending Herself Against Eros-s209x300
Art of William Bouguereau
Flaming June Frederic Leighton-s250x250
Art of Frederic Leighton

Wonder Woman: from Bondage Heroine to Feminist to Sexpot

Las Vegas Travelog: Luxor

Art of Audrey Kawasaki

Las Vegas Travelog: MGM Grand. more art deco.

Lempicka  the girls 95346-s215x290
Art of Tamara de Lempicka

Flatland BMX (Bicycle Acrobat)

I always admired free style skate boarders and especially freestyle BMX. I thought, California is full of it. But since living in Cali in 1989, i've actually never seen it on the street. No ramp, no skilled ones. Actually saw a small ramp once in a park.

Double-Bun Hair Girls (new photos)

2019-01-01 work in progress, todo. add thumbnail

Truth Coming Out of Her Well


2018-07-06 Nude Alice Artwork by Frank Brunner

Xah Arts Blog 2017-02

china geodesic 2017-12-13 12624-s250x250
geodesic girl
Canton Tower 2013-11-15 18-12-45-s204x306
Canton Tower
Wind Turbine Photos
Promenade building 97411-s204x306
Promenade Building
guardians of traffic hope memorial bridge c9f16-s225x278
Hope Memorial Bridge
danaid rodin 4256-s281x223
The Story of Danaids
watchtower ruin dunhuang gansu china-s306x204
Silkroad Watchtower Ruin
New India Assurance building art deco 8618f-s217x289
Art Deco Buildings
xenomorph gargoyle 10 Paisley Abbey 21022-s250x250
Xenomorph Gargoyle
Asian Demigoddesses
truth coming out of her well  Jean-Leon Gerome-s221x282
Truth Out of Well
Paintings of Odalisque and Prostitutes
The Perry Bible Fellowship
Last Judgement Michelangelo-s213x293
Art of Michelangelo
artemis statue 88086-s217x289
A Love of Mythology of the Greeks
Electric Fans

great article. Roughly a history of “anime”, but more about tech detail of what “anime” is actually limited animation, how they are created, and perception, etc.


There's a graffiti artist, called banksy. A first class idiot. It is, the prototype of opposite of intellectual. Many celebrity artists are of that ilk. They, like, grab some political hot button, put on wall, artless. Lauded as “make you think”.

oligodynamic sphere

titanium sphere 94012
Aerospace Grade Oligodynamic Titanium Sphere (5.98cm diameter). Guaranteed perfection: +/- 0.01mm roundness. Buy at amazon

not sure why this thing exist.

aerospace grade oligodynamic copper sphere 60012
aerospace grade oligodynamic copper sphere. Buy at amazon

The oligodynamic effect is a biocidal effect of metals, especially heavy metals, even in low concentrations. The effect was discovered in 1893 by Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli, although he did not identify the cause.[1] Brass doorknobs and silverware both exhibit this effect.

[2017-07-03 Wikipedia Oligodynamic effect]

howl s moving castle 80378
Howl's Moving Castle

Taichi vs Mixed Martial Arts

Rehearsal - SH-BOOM! - Sol León & Paul LIghtfoot - NDT 2 Smoke and Mirrors
amber cup ming dynasty tomb nanjing 2017 03
amber cup, unearthed from a Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) tomb from Nanjing

Reminds me of The Fisherman And The Jinni

Raw Art - Alexandra Savina - Ring-o-graphy
Xah Arts Blog 2016-04-23

Hades and Persephone
Albrecht Durer - Melencolia I-s222x282
Art of Albrecht Dürer
labyrinth 2 poster-79548-s210x297
Labyrinth Movie Artwork
Moxons Master  Tatsuya Morino 14430-s205x305
AI Chess Moxons Master
kevir hires-s250x250
Beautiful Planetary Photos
Harley Quinn Suicide Squad 50220-s204x306
Harley Quinn
hi im cortana 21221-s336x186
Cortana Artwork Collection
Komachi Onozuka  Phantasmagoria Of Flower View 44269-s210x297
Phantasmagoria of Flower View 東方花映塚
Rick and Unity-s317x197
Rick and Morty: Rick's Lover Unity
rick morty whats my purpose bot-s199x314
Rick and Morty: What's My Purpose?
mlgb 50323-s309x203
sadness box guy 007-s344x182
sad box
china fast radio telescope-s289x216
heaven eye telescope

Chinese 3D Animation Swordsmen TV Series

This is a adult 3D animation TV series, wuxia (swordsmen stories), made in China, started in 2015.

it's a big success.

《画江湖之不良人》(又称:《画江湖》系列之《不良人》)是北京若森数字科技有限公司­继动画连续剧《侠岚》在获取了巨大的市场成功之后推出的又一部大型三维成人武侠动画连­续剧。 这部动画巨制以一种前所未有的方式描述了交织着战乱与黑暗的五代十国时期,黄巢起义、­朱温篡位、李氏族诛、友珪弑父、沙陀争霸等著名的历史事件和民间传说贯穿于其中。几位­主角同群雄侠隐仗剑高歌江湖,于历史漩涡中的乱世里经历了青春与爱情、背叛与忠诚的沧­桑变幻、悲喜轮回,最终成为了终结这个时代、开创新纪元的决定性力量,也堪称是一段浪­漫辉煌的中国式武侠历史传奇。 北京若森数字科技有限公司所出品的大型三维武侠动画巨制《画江湖之不良人》之所以取这­个名字,是因为其故事背景被设定为唐朝末年,所有的故事线索都紧紧围绕着“不良人”这­个组织所隐匿起来的大宗宝藏而展开,所以主创团队将这个名字用作本片的片名,以使观众­能对本片有一个最为直观的认识。

唐朝末年,天下大乱,藩镇割据,群雄并起。 据说黄巢叛军攻陷长安之前,官府中的神秘组织——‘不良人’,曾经执行过最后一次任务­,然后便消失不见了,几乎与他们同时消失的,还有叛军搜遍长安也未曾找到的国库宝藏,­自此以后,江湖上便传出一条谣言,在传说中的龙泉剑上,隐藏着一个天大的秘密。 直到有一天,一个名叫李星云的神秘孤儿,机缘巧合下被隐士阳叔子所救,并拜在其门下学­武,数年之后,李星云与师妹陆林轩下山历练,途中结识了姬如雪和张子凡两个好友,后来­又偶然得到了传说中的龙泉剑。 这样一来,李星云和龙泉剑引起了包括玄冥教、通文馆、幻音坊和天师府等诸多门派的觊觎­,他们动着各种各样的心思,或巧取豪夺,或通缉追杀,各种手段招数无所不用其极,甚至­连消失已久的‘不良人’也有重出江湖的迹象。 李星云,这个身世成谜的少年,就这样和他的朋友们周旋于险恶的江湖之中,为了求得一条­生存之道而努力挣扎着。

casio waches, tons of them on amazon. Here's some design i like.

it must have a analog face, plus digital. The analog face can actually be digital. The point is, that having geometric hands and pointers dials gives you a much better visualization of time. Then, it needs digital parts, to display things like date.

asian eye 46142-s250x250
asian eye

The Philosophy of Rick and Morty

Superhero Landing

Xah Arts Blog 2015-12-24

The Little Match Girl

“The Little Match Girl” is a short story by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen. The story, about a dying child's dreams and hope, was first published in 1845. It has been adapted to various media, including animated film and a television musical.

The Little Match Girl

Candy Candy cover 10831-s250
Candy Candy 小甜甜 キャンディ・キャンディ
One Piece figures Shichibukai-s368x170
海賊王 〈One Piece〉 Action Figures
making of  meow  by kr0npr1nz-d987ega-6-s250x250
Art of by Kuvshinov Ilya (aka kr0npr1nz)
AC Girl a86ae-s217x289
AC Girl, AC娘

3D Gel Breast Mousepad (repost)

Latte Art: BSD Beastie, Golang Gopher

Chinese Top 陀螺

Julie Taymor's Titus

girl artist drawing recursion-s316x198
Misc Visual Art: Girl Artist

New Swanstone Castle

Geodesic Domes

Leda and the Swan (new index page)
Seashell Gallery
episcopal miter104-s214x292
Seashell: Misc Seashells, Cut-in-Half View
anime girl fan hot cpu
The Perry Bible Fellowship

Las Vegas Travelog: Caesars Palace

Art: The Rape of the Sabine Women

Las Vegas Travelog: Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas Travelog: the Mirage, Treasure Island

indian pipe PDB-s217x289
Gorgeousness Ghost Plant

Official Lincoln #SteerTheScript Commercial 📺

Alice in Second Life

naga 182
A Hoysala sculpture of a Naga couple in Halebidu.

Naga Goddess

3805712 60f1f61fcf o-s294x212
Khajuraho Temple
Xah Arts Blog 2014-12-31
CYBORG009 CZ07 02
Cyborg 009

Cyborg 009

the Diva Dance Song from The Fifth Element 🎶

robert crumb tennis girl 2006-s239x262
Art of Robert Crumb
blind owl zeus 2014-11-20-s225x278
Starry-Eyed Owl
Itchy and Scratchy 2

Itchy and Scratchy Show

cat catching bass

the Story of Andromeda and Perseus (Perseides meteor shower)

Andromeda is damsel in distress to be eaten by monster, saved by Perseus (the same guy who beheaded the most ugly woman Medusa). Their son, Perses, founder of Persian (Iran), mate with sea nymphs, and the whole family is called Perseides.

Artemis — the Greatest Bitch of All Times. A Love of Mythology of the Greeks

Robert Crumb  remember everybody needs love
remember everybody needs love.

Art of Robert Crumb

Architecture: Atomium

Wonderland Alice Art Gallery

Korean Game Girl Makeup

korean game girl makeup 2014-03-31
from a Korean game
hunger games 09500-2-s389x161
Hunger in Hunger Games: Breath it All In, Children
Lee Min-jung Asian girl cleavage 2014
South Korean actress Lee Min-jung (이민정, 李珉廷) (born 1982)

the word here is: allure

Pacific Rim 2013 movie poster
Pacific Rim

enjoyed watching Pacific Rim.

it's funny that silly giant monster movies of 1970 Japan era (Ultraman ウルトラマン) can be made into such a fun movie today. In those days, i as a child are crazy about the Ultraman. We used to collect the cards, each has a spec about a monster. You can web search image for “Ultraman monsters”.

Xah Arts Blog 2014-02-23

Science Ninja Gatchaman 科學小飛俠

3个丫鬟 Double-Bun Hairdo Babes, page 1

my little pony judas

she's got spunk.

A Love of Mythology of the Greeks

Fashion Alice (Haute Couture)

Hunger Games Eyelash

Buddhism Wreath-eating Ghost 食蔓鬼

Mario Sisters Cosplay

Anime Art: Girl Drawing Herself

ride nyancat into nebula 2012 FSr58-s250
Nyan Cat

you can follow me on pinterest

now you can follow me on tumblr

Monkey King's Pigsy Carrying Wife

tumble u tumble me

now am on tumblr, what shall my nature be?

art and craft, of course. I think tmblr is mostly girl things, like pinterest.

side-face makeup

side-face makeup

Cheschire Cat Halloween Makeup Tutorial

jeepers creepers by archaical-d6q089i
Cheschire smile tutorial. (🎶 〈Beat And The Pulse〉 Buy at amazon)

New Random Page feature. Click the “Random Page” botton on top.

2013 cute girl smiling cat stocking
2013 cute girl smiling cat stocking
quintessence of a womans beauty DSC02928
Quintessence of a woman's beauty. Location Riga, Latvia. photo by [Andris Dūmiņš]

a very weird, but fascinating, creative, comics.

wtdsd 1 spotting deer by Michael DeForge 2010
The Spotting Deer by Michael Deforge, panel 1.

read the rest at [Spotting Deer By Michael Deforge. At , accessed on 2013-03-30 ]

mural cat doll child Mexico 2013 02 17 DSC 0064
Mural in Mexico . Photo by [Manuel Lara]
dinosaur comic failure of others
Comics by Ryan North. (used with permission, image source)

Oscar Wilde's Tomb and Quips

Alice in Second Life

wonder woman hinge wallet
Wonder Woman Wallet
girl leg tattoo as carved wood art
girl's leg tattoo as carved wood art. Source

is this real? No. See: [The Hacker Factor Blog: Legs By Neal Krawetz. At , accessed on 2013-07-25 ] The artist is Russian graffiti artist “знаг”.

Xah Arts Blog 2012-07-27

Starting a new blog on music. All music related articles will be updated there. Please subscribe at Xah Music Blog.

Cutest chick Possible: Tonight I'm Frakking You, Starring Alessandra Torresani

deeply intoxicated in Bach's Well Tempered Clavier, Book I, Fugue #4 in C♯

Architectural Beauty: Cistern

Skateboard Free Style

Video: Cat, Eagle, Fox, in Unalaska, Alaska 📺

updated: Purpose of Logo and Principle of Logo Design

watched a euro movie yesterday. Exam (film). (2009) Buy at amazon

Enthralling. whole movie is in a room, with dialogues. Love it.

See also: Movie Screenshots

Heineken Commercial - The Entrance (The Golden Age - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour)

update. can anyone confirm the identity of upper right siloutte in the Russian Milestones drawing? Art of Milo Manara

Movie: In July (Im Juli) 2000

Xah Arts Blog 2011-12-30

Humor: Google Logo Boobs.

NSFW Misc Alice Artwork

she cut thru my heart klamstwo
by Joseph Wierenga. “She Cuts thru My Heart”

See also:

Mickey Mouse Copyright Nation: on Copyright and Its Duration

Parabolic Radio Dish

Updated: Geodesic Domes.

Air Wales airplane tail
Air Wales airplane tail

Dragon Flags

Google Earth Shanghai
Screenshot of Google Earth on Shanghai, China

See: Google Earth Mouse Navigation and Keys.

Mont Saint-Michel in Second Life

Art of Audrey Kawasaki

Dove Taxidermy High Heels

dove high heel shoes
Dove taxidermy high heels. Original source seems to be

Naked Alice by Alessandro Barbucci (nudity)

Rhythmic Gymnastics

rattlesnake Crotalus Cerastes Mesquite Springs CA
Rattlesnake. image source
rattlesnake rattle

2 Artworks

Misc Artwork

T-Mobile Commercials: Hottie Carly Foulkes

Photography is High Art?

Gorgeousness Ghost Plant

Cherry, Venus Flytrap, and the Lure of Sex

Perfect Monster of Tentacle Sex

Sea lamprey

Photo: Cherry, Venus Flytrap, and the Lure of Sex

NSFW Nude Alice Artwork by Frank Brunner (gallery)

Math, Sleeves and Xah in Second Life

Humor: Google Logo Boobs

Acrobatic Breakdance

wreath eating ghost
食蔓鬼. image source

食蔓鬼 Wreath-eating Ghost

medusa, eyes up here

Xah Arts Blog 2010-01

Candy Candy triton of the sea
Childhood Memories: Japanese Cartoons of 1970s
Colorless by asuka111-s213x293
Visual Art: Misc Watercolors

Girl Painting Mirror Ground

jen wang girl paints mirror
By Jen Wang. image source

She also drew a wonderful batgirl. See: Batgirl Craze, page 1.

Ballet as Acrobat

thousands of 360 Panorama around the world.

Moot 4chan god-s291x215
Humor: 4chan /b/ random — Internet Culture
faun and nymph
“faun and nymph” by Pál Szinyei Merse (1845 to 1920). image source

See also:

naked woman Cristofol Bou Alvararo
Cristofol Bou Alvararo (1887 to 1931) image source

See also:

fat vs thin, line drawing
fat vs thin, line drawing. A ad found at as of 2011-01-26.

Note: the ad runner is borderline scam.

boobs good vs bad

Boobs: Good vs Bad.

Trevor's new work released in 2010 March. (NSFW). 〈Trevor Brown's Alice (Artwork)〉 〔 〕

Coition of a Hemisected Man and Woman
“Coition of a Hemisected Man and Woman” (c. 1492)

Art: Copulation by Leonardo da Vinci

Art of Tokiya.

Gisele Bundchen in US Flag Swimwear

crop circle swirl
image source

About 50 photos of beautiful crop circle designs. See: Crop Circle Gallery.

Durer self portrait 28
Albrecht Durer's self portrait.

This guy is amazing. I consider him the master of art in my book, probably the top 3 among all artists i admire. For more, see: Art Of Albrecht Dürer.

Human Furniture (photo gallery)

Lyrics appreciation and youtube vid: 三年二班 (Class Ping Pong).

Demon Blade Chick by Muuten
Alice Artwork by David Delamare, slideshow design by Wendy Ice.

MS Paint Drawing (video record)

Interesting film:

The Double Life of Veronique

The Double Life of Veronique (French: La double vie de Veronique, Polish: Podwójne życie Weroniki) is a 1991 French- and Polish-language drama film directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski and starring Irène Jacob. Written by Kieślowski and Krzysztof Piesiewicz, the film explores the themes of identity, love, and human intuition through the characters of Weronika, a Polish choir soprano, and her double, Véronique, a French music teacher. The two women do not know each other, and yet they share a mysterious and emotional bond that transcends language and geography. The film is notable for Sławomir Idziak's innovative cinematography and Zbigniew Preisner's haunting operatic score. The film was Kieślowski's first to be produced partly outside his native Poland.[1] The Double Life of Veronique won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury and the FIPRESCI Prize at the 1991 Cannes Film Festival for Krzysztof Kieslowski, and the Best Actress Award for Irène Jacob.[2] The film was selected as the Polish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 64th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.[3]

The Double Life of Veronique

Also of interest:

Humor: Google Video Commercial: Parisian Love

Watched movie District 9. For review, see: Avatar and District 9 Movie Review

furry rabbit 001
Second Life creativity: Furry Soldiers.

See also: Wonderland Alice Art Gallery.

See also: A Love of Mythology of the Greeks.

rape Sabine Jacques-Louis-s
Art: The Rape of the Sabine Women.

Art Deco Buildings

Drosera regia with prey 2
A carnivorous plant, Drosera regia. (see: Photo: Cherry, Venus Flytrap, and the Lure of Sex) imc src
fire lance and grenade dunhuang
See: Dunhuang Art.

Architecture beauties: Hyperboloid Towers.

Beautiful photography: Planetary Art.

watchtower ruin dunhuang gansu china-s
Silkroad Watchtower Ruin

Am starting this arts blog, of anything about visual arts. Photography, illustrations, paintings. This blog is branched off from my main blog Xah Lee's Blog , so it is more subject focused.

For past few hundred pages of photography and visual art, see: Xah Visual Arts.