Xah Arts Blog Archive 2010-01

See: MS Paint Drawing (A video showing a drawing)
I Met the Walrus (John Lennon)

Interesting film:

The Double Life of Veronique

Also of interest:

“Parisian Love”. Google's ad.

perm url: Google Ads: Parisian Love.

District 9 Trailer #2.

Watched movie District 9. For review, see: Avatar and District 9 Movie Review.

furry rabbit 001
Second Life creativity: Furry Soldiers.

See also: Wonderland Alice Art Gallery.

See also: A Love of Mythology of the Greeks.

rape Sabine Jacques-Louis-s
Art: The Rape of the Sabine Women.
576px-New India Assurance Bdg
Art Deco Buildings image source
Drosera regia with prey 2
A carnivorous plant, Drosera regia. (see: Photo: Cherry, Venus Flytrap, and the Lure of Sex) imc src
fire lance and grenade dunhuang
See: Dunhuang Art.
514px-Kobe port tower11s3200
The Kobe Port Tower.

Architecture beauties: Hyperboloid Towers.

easy-rider-chopper harley davidson image source

Star Spangled Bikes.

circada lyristes plebejus
Cicada Photo

Beautiful photography: Planetary Art.

watchtower ruin dunhuang gansu china-s
Silkroad Watchtower Ruin

Am starting this arts blog, of anything about visual arts. Photography, illustrations, paintings. This blog is branched off from my main blog Xah Lee's Blog, so it is more subject focused.

For past few hundred pages of photography and visual art, see: Xah Visual Arts.