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lobster girl Mikhaila Peterson 2021-04-09
lobster girl Mikhaila Peterson 2021-04-09 [image source https://twitter.com/MikhailaAleksis/status/1380647728108167175]


gammon for dinner 2021-03-21
gammon for dinner 2021-03-21 [image source https://twitter.com/SportySuz20/status/1373634323602104325/photo/1]
Mickey Mouse - The Haunted House (1929)
Oct 29, 2015

Europa and the Bull new photo

money printer goes brr rHPyN
money printer goes brr

Photo: Ganges River

Pepe and Its History

Hunger in Hunger Games: Breath it All In, Children

Crocodile Sex Codex Seraphinianus

Hunger in Hunger Games: Breath it All In, Children

todo, video not show? Artist Cycling

Humor Video: Effect of Meth

moar anime girl-s249x251
ride nyancat into nebula 2012 FSr58-s250
Nyan Cat
Candy Candy cover 10831-s250
Candy Candy 小甜甜 キャンディ・キャンディ

Artist Cycling

todo, review, work in progress

闪光少女 Chinese vs Western Music


Batgirl Drawing Craze

Game Of Thrones

a Choker Romance

Contact Juggling

todo, add nav panel. remove the page nav bar. Crop Circles Art: Apollonius Circles, Taiji Diagram

Skateboard Free Style

combo breaker kXm8T
combo breaker

old articles

Art of Mootan

pink bubble gum girl
pink bubble gum girl
content cheshire cat
Cheshire cat.

Cologne Cathedral

Seashell: Venus Comb shell

The Perry Bible Fellowship

Gmail Man

Humor: Google Logo Boobs

Google Ice Cream; Can Google Be Trusted?

Sentient Trashcan

jp girl fffk 93t79
jp girl fffk
guanyin washing hands 2020-03 2m9f9-s222x282
guanyin washing hands
pantheon antifascist struggle hyvp3-s234x267
Pantheon to the Heroes in the Antifascist Struggle
shoe with hinge 2012-07-14-s289x217
Hinged Shoe

cat catching bass

blind owl zeus 2014-11-20-s225x278
Starry-Eyed Owl

movie summary on youtube in chinese is rampant

movie Pan's Labyrinth

the chinese annotation of movies is becoming rampant. multitudes of annotators, thousands of movies. their annotation is one thing, but half of the attraction, is 20+ min movie clip. i don't think english is doing that.

there are lots youtube annotation of movies in english, however, i think there is a major difference with chinese ones. The english ones, use few clips. The chinese ones, the entire video is the movie.

the point am wondering, is whether the diff is merely cultural, or, copyright censorship is more vigilant on english lang YouTubers.

Rage Comics

Great cover arts for scifi and fantasy

It must subtly reflect your work's content. Don't do those 80 scifi lame.

Heineken Commercial - The Entrance (The Golden Age - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour)

Humor: Microsoft Bing Video Commercials

Humor: Google Video Commercial: Parisian Love

Humor: monster.com Video Commercials

Cars and Girls 📺

manikins portrait by asuka111 r3h9r-s347x180
Manikins Portrait
leda and the swan 2020-01-04 htxsd-s296x211
Art: Leda and the Swan, page 4
vacant space by Chiara Bautista dpmrk
Vacant Space by Chiara Bautista http://www.chiarabautista.com/

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