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fantasy art 13203
fantasy art 13203
(from twitter. can't find the source)

the darkness, and zombie nation

Miko Fogarty, 16, Moscow IBC, Gold Medalist - Beneath the Facade
Begins at 0:29.

Danaid, Sculpture by Rodin

bride princess peach by tsuaii 15996
Bride Princess Peach from Super Mario Odyssey! Artwork by tsuaii. 〔image source https://www.patreon.com/posts/bride-princess-14689362
tomato agape 79611
agape 〔image source https://twitter.com/juliagalef/status/902599873052139520
beetle taking off

Promenade Building

oligodynamic sphere

titanium sphere 94012
Aerospace Grade Oligodynamic Titanium Sphere (5.98cm diameter). Guaranteed perfection: +/- 0.01mm roundness. Buy at amazon

not sure why this thing exist.

aerospace grade oligodynamic copper sphere 60012
aerospace grade oligodynamic copper sphere. Buy at amazon

The oligodynamic effect is a biocidal effect of metals, especially heavy metals, even in low concentrations. The effect was discovered in 1893 by Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli, although he did not identify the cause.[1] Brass doorknobs and silverware both exhibit this effect.

[2017-07-03 Wikipedia Oligodynamic effect]

Starbucks Logo Artwork

Canton Tower

Silkroad Watchtower Ruin

Art Deco Buildings

Marada the She-wolf (more images)

Logans Run

howl s moving castle 80378
Howl's Moving Castle

The Perry Bible Fellowship

medusa, eyes up here

cosplay girl 55055
“Fate/hollow ataraxia” Saber, cosplay. 〔image source twitter.com/akagikuro
cosplay girl 67749
“Fate/hollow ataraxia” Saber, cosplay. 〔image source twitter.com/akagikuro

Sculpture of Asian Demigoddesses: Apsara, Devatas, Yakshini

Female yak in Bangkok 65130
Female yak sculpture in Bangkok. image source

Trump Family Under the Last Judgement

Ivanka Trump at Rome 2017 05 25 90880
Ivanka Trump at rome 2017-05-25

see that ghostly thing mid top? that's human skin, flayed alive.

see Art of Michelangelo

powergirl 9423 2
PowerGirl 〔png 1989×2650

Superhero Action Figure

Star Wars Action Figures

Snow White PVC Figure

Fleet Girls Collection 艦娘 PVC Figure

open mouth urinal 54843
open mouth urinal 2017-05. 〔image source https://twitter.com/fbettag/status/865690069902008320

Japan Kiriko Hattori (服部 霧子) PVC Figure

satyr plate 42798
This is a Food Plate. Bronze. It's Satyr. Very Expensive. Amazing art, imagination. satyr plate
medusa statue 05187
medusa statue

A Love of Mythology of the Greeks (updated)

Arabian Nights Art Gallery

Leda and the Swan (updated)

Taichi vs Mxied Martial Arts