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Julie Taymor's Titus

Misc Visual Art: Girl Artist (repost)

New Swanstone (Schloss Neuschwanstein) Castle

Regular Polyhedron Domes (Geodesic Dome) Photo Gallery

Leda and the Swan (new index page)
Seashell Gallery (updated)
episcopal miter104
Seashell Gallery: Misc Seashells, Cut-in-Half View

Solar Power Architectures Gallery

Giant Parabolic-dish Photo Gallery

Seashell Gallery: Checkered Bonnet Shell

anime girl fan hot cpu

Art of Nicholas Gurewitch, page 1

Marada the She-wolf

Las Vegas Travelog: Caesars Palace

Art: The Rape of the Sabine Women

Las Vegas Travelog: Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas Travelog: the Mirage, Treasure Island

Photo: Gorgeousness You Cannot Deny: Ghost Plant, Indian Pipe

Official Lincoln #SteerTheScript Commercial 📺

Alice in Second Life

Underwater Alice Photography

Battle Angel Alita

Art: Europa and the Bull

Naga Goddess

Khajuraho Temple

Cyborg 009

the Diva Dance Song from The Fifth Element 🎶

robert crumb tennis girl 2006
Art of Robert Crumb

starry-eyed owl

blind owl zeus 2014-11-20
blind owl. (image source: 〔Meet Zeus: The Rescued Blind Owl With Stars In His Eyes By Julija K. @ http://www.boredpanda.com/blind-owl-starry-eyes-zeus-wildlife-learning-center/〕)
Itchy and Scratchy 2

Itchy and Scratchy Show

el gaucho
she's a Irish prostitute, sweet, wanton, and full of yearning. She died involuntarily by hanging.

Art of Milo Manara, page 3

Xah's Arts Blog Archive 2013-10

Xah's Arts Blog Archive 2013-08

cat trying to catch bass

the Story of Andromeda & Perseus (Perseides meteor shower)

Andromeda is damsel in distress to be eaten by monster, saved by Perseus (the same guy who beheaded the most ugly woman Medusa). Their son, Perses, founder of Persian (Iran), mate with sea nymphs, and the whole family is called Perseides.

Artemis — the Greatest Bitch of All Times. A Love of Mythology of the Greeks

Robert Crumb  remember everybody needs love
remember everybody needs love.

Art of Robert Crumb

Architecture: Atomium (Regular Polyhedron Building)

Wonderland Alice Art Gallery

Korean Game Girl Makeup

korean game girl makeup 2014-03-31
from a Korean game

The Hunger in Hunger Games: Breath it All In, Children

Lee Min-jung Asian girl cleavage 2014
South Korean actress Lee Min-jung (이민정, 李珉廷) (born 1982)

the word here is: allure

Github Mascot: Gitopuss in Many Guises (lots new)

Pacific Rim, Ultraman, Silly Monsters

Pacific Rim 2013 movie poster
Pacific Rim

enjoyed watching Pacific Rim.

it's funny that silly giant monster movies of 1970 Japan era (Ultraman ウルトラマン) can be made into such a fun movie today. In those days, i as a child are crazy about the Ultraman. We used to collect the cards, each has a spec about a monster. You can web search image for “Ultraman monsters”.

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