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Cyborg 009

winter olympics 2018 02 53682
winter olympics 2018 02 53682
ah my goddess 46719
ah my goddess
rhythmic gymnastics 98891
rhythmic gymnastics 98891

Movie: the Magical Fighters 《奇门遁甲》1982

The Magical Fighters 《奇门遁甲》1982. When i was 14, i found this movie wonderful. Now, it's silly, still, great entertainment.

《奇门遁甲》1982 (The Magical Fighters)

Double-Bun Hair Girls (new photos)

闪光少女 (Our Shining Days), Cosplay Culture, and Chinese vs Western Music

dick faucet 62398
dick faucet [image source 2018-01-06 https://twitter.com/steventurous/status/949731772157300741]

great article. Roughly a history of “anime”, but more about tech detail of what “anime” is actually limited animation, how they are created, and perception, etc.

[ANIME'S GREAT DECEPTION – THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ANIME and CARTOONS By Rich • Art By Aya Francisco. At http://www.tofugu.com/japan/anime-vs-cartoons/]

china geodesic 2017 12 13 12624
china geodesic image source

There's a graffiti artist, called banksy. A first class idiot. It is, the prototype of opposite of intellectual. Many celebrity artists are of that ilk. They, like, grab some political hot button, put on wall, artless. Lauded as “make you think”.

my inner sanctuary by yuumei dawkyn9 ef90c
“my inner sanctuary” by yuumei dawkyn9 https://yuumei.deviantart.com/art/My-Inner-Sanctuary-659387493
guardians of traffic hope memorial bridge c9f16
Guardians of Traffic, Hope Memorial Bridge

Architecture Beauty, the Eden Project

Mohawk Niagra Facade 5c9a5
Art Deco Buildings

flying disc. quite interesting as nerd toy. but boring as a sport. Unless, Discs of TRON comes to life. flying disc

Xenomorph Gargoyle

fantasy art 13203
fantasy art 13203
(from twitter. can't find the source)

the darkness, and zombie nation

Miko Fogarty, 16, Moscow IBC, Gold Medalist - Beneath the Facade
Begins at 0:29.

Danaid, Sculpture by Rodin

bride princess peach by tsuaii 15996
Bride Princess Peach from Super Mario Odyssey! Artwork by tsuaii. 〔image source https://www.patreon.com/posts/bride-princess-14689362
tomato agape 79611
agape 〔image source https://twitter.com/juliagalef/status/902599873052139520
beetle taking off

Promenade Building

oligodynamic sphere

titanium sphere 94012
Aerospace Grade Oligodynamic Titanium Sphere (5.98cm diameter). Guaranteed perfection: +/- 0.01mm roundness. Buy at amazon

not sure why this thing exist.

aerospace grade oligodynamic copper sphere 60012
aerospace grade oligodynamic copper sphere. Buy at amazon

The oligodynamic effect is a biocidal effect of metals, especially heavy metals, even in low concentrations. The effect was discovered in 1893 by Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli, although he did not identify the cause.[1] Brass doorknobs and silverware both exhibit this effect.

[2017-07-03 Wikipedia Oligodynamic effect]

Starbucks Logo Artwork

Canton Tower

Silkroad Watchtower Ruin

Art Deco Buildings

Marada the She-wolf (more images)

Logans Run

howl s moving castle 80378
Howl's Moving Castle

The Perry Bible Fellowship

moto g plus 2017 7f48d
unlocked cell phone