Wind Turbine Photos

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Wind Turbines are those turning things that generate energy when blown by wind. In the old times, the same idea is called windmill. Modern turbines are some 80 meters high (roughly 20 stories), and usually in clusters of tens of them, forming a wind farm. It is a hallmark of technology, a awe-inspiring beauty to behold. It is one of modern clean energy resource.

Giant wind turbines at Aapua wind park, Aapua, Norrbotten, Sweden. Google Map Photo taken from one of the turbine's engine cabin. There are a total of 7 of them. Each is 78 m high, with rotor diameter of 82 m. Photo by Anders Bockgård, 2006-03-13 †
wind farm denmark
A array of gargantuan wind turbines in the ocean. 20 of them. Majestic. The place is called Middelgrunden. It is located 2 km off shore east of Copenhagen, Denmark. Google Map Photo from The Winds of Change By Margot Rossevelt. @ image source
Wind farm
Wind turbines in Neuenkirchen, Dithmarschen. Picture taken in Westerkoog, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 2048×1536 Photographer: Dirk Ingo Franke †.
wind farm
Wind turbines near Aalborg, Denmark. 1704×2272
wind farm wind farm
Giant windturbines, somewhere around eastern area of Germany, 2003. Each of these are about 20 stories tall. 1120×840 840×1120
wind turbine
Wind turbine on a rest stop near highway I80, Adel, Iowa, USA. Google Map 2004-09. 1120×840 It is made of 25 sections, each is about 170 cm, so the total height is about 42 meters or 10 stories high.

† Used with permission.