Whirl Wheels Photo Exposition

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Propellers are those that take energy to push a fluid (air or water), and turbines are those generating energy from being pushed by a fluid. I'm fascinated with them, their blades, their shapes and designs. They are beautiful.

Helicopter has straight thin long blades, sometimes 2-fold or 3, and up to 8 or more. Airplane propellers are oblong and pointed and distinctively twisted. Propellers for ships have deep slants and fat blades with large surface areas. Modern electricity generating windmills (called wind turbines) are again narrow and long, invariably 3-fold, and characteristically pinpointed.

This page is a annotated photo exhibition of such twirling things. Airplane or ship propellers are often called screws by professionals, because they are like screws of air or water. There are also things that turn sideways like water wheels or water paddles as used by steamrollers. I call any such device Whirl Wheels. They are interesting from a engineering point of view (aerodynamics, hydrodynamics), but as well as esthetics.

Wind Turbines

20030921 014m wind turbines wind farm denmark 800x600 windturbines

Wind Turbine Photos. Gargantuan skyscaping rises of whirling blades.

Altamount Pass wind farm

05290017m 05290003m 05290036m 115m

Altamount Pass Wind Farm. Four-thousand-plus twirling blades.


american windmill Campo de Criptana Molinos de Viento-s windmill Harlem

Windmills. Nostalgic landscapers of yore.

Electric Fans

Creativity with fanfare!

Radiator Fan

Water Screws

propeller boat prop4 Schraube Europa 04

Water Screws. Pushers of the sea.

Air Screws

Propeller 800px-Hercules propeller Contrarotating

Air Screws. Spinning frenzies in the sky.


VLA Dish Stirling Systems of SBP in Spain sun disk

Reflecting-Dishes Photo Gallery

See also: Architectural Beauties (photo gallery)


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