Giant Parabolic-dish Photo Gallery

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solar mirror dish  Ripasso  Kalahari desert  Jeffrey Barbee 2015-05-13
“5 meter radius mirror dish, tested by company Ripasso in the Kalahari desert.” 〔photo by Jeffrey Barbee. Source
Stirling Solar Dish
Stirling Energy System's Solar dish. This is about 11 meters in diameter.
Dish Stirling Systems of SBP in Spain
“Six dish Stirling Systems developed by Schlaich Bergermann und Partner of Stuttgart, Germany, in operation at the Plataforma Solar de Almeria in Spain. The three dishes in the foreground are second-generation systems. The systems produce 10 kW of power from a Solo Kleinmotoren engine.” — Wikipedia.
solar dish array
Array of solar disks of a power plant in Australia. Photo from Time Mag, ~2001.
solar dish Ben-Gurion National Solar Energy Center Israel-s
solar dish at Ben-Gurion National Solar Energy Center, Israel. 3340×2504 image source Google Map

Solar Parabolic Trough

SEGS Solar plant Mojave Desert-s
Solar Energy Generating Systems, Mojave Desert. 3264×2448 image source Google Map
Parabolic trough
Solar parabolic trough. image source (See also: Parabola.)
parabolic solar trough Negev desert Israel
Parabolic solar trough, at Negev desert, Israel. 3340×2504 image source Google Map

Solar Power Architectures Gallery

See Solar Power Architectures Gallery

Giant Radio Dish

Very Large Array radio receivers, in Socorro, New Mexico, USA. (Photo by Don Baccus At, 1998. Used with permission.)
Google Map
VLA parabolic dish antenna
VLA parabolic dish antenna. The dish is 25 m in diameter. image source
tv dish3
TV dish receiver in Palo Alto, California, USA, 2002. The TV dish receiver is not necessarily parabolic, since the focus is below the center of the dish as we can clearly see in the photo. It is hard to say exactly what receiving dish is actually the shape of a parabola , because many physical and engineering constraints. However, we could say that all these reflectors are based on theories and principles of parabola.

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